faux cowhide

faux cowhide

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PLEASE NOTE: each faux cowhide bag will be different from another as every piece of fabric is unique & one of a kind. images are stock photos of each creation. faux cowhide is not waterproof, you may like to spray lightly with a water & stain protector. test in an inconspicuous spot maybe on the bottom in a corner.

faux cowhide, it is so gorgeous! beautiful to touch & so soft but durable. this collection isn't waterproof, but we just couldn't go past the fabulousness of this fabric as an addition to our bespoke range. coffee is our most favourite beverage, hence the names.

  • chocolate, the tah-dah on top of our cappuccinos
  • espresso, black & strong!
  • macchiato, means marked, espresso with a small amount of foamed milk on top

we are sure you will fall in love with this range too. delicious!