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about our fabrics

not so plain jane is all about fabric and beautiful bags! I carefully source all my oilcloth and laminated fabrics from Australia and all around the world as I am very particular on the different fabrics I purchase & use for making my creations. Some of the fabrics are limited editions, so you may be the only person with a particular fabric! They have to be to a very high standard. I manufacture all my creations myself in my studio from cutting out the design to putting on the swing tag. I am passionate about the quality of my products, it has to be top-notch!

my fabrics of choice are mexican oilcloth & laminated fabric with a few other sorts thrown in! mexican oilcloth is a durable, double PVC coated fabric. 91% PVC, 6% polyester and 3% cotton. The ink is printed in the first coat of PVC, not onto the fabric backing. This is then coated with a clear layer of PVC, making the oilcloth fade & stain resistant and it simply wipes clean. so easy!

laminated fabric is cotton or heavy canvas with a protective coating on the front side of the fabric which makes it soft but very durable & also water resistant. it is a great fabric & always looks good as it is easy to keep clean also, just wipe with a damp cloth. I love this fabric, it is so versatile & very flexible. it is usually manufactured by those very fancy & clever designers like amy butler & robert kaufman. Functional & practical, not so plain jane bags & accessories are are made to be used instead of plastic bags. Good for the environment & good for you!

I love our range of faux cowhide! It comes in many colours from brown & black to the lovely bright pink and blue. although this fabric is not laminated or waterproof, it is lined with oilcloth so any little spill of liquid can easily wiped up.

my favourite has to be the cath kidston oilcloth. there are so many gorgeous colours and designs available. these bags are excellent for everything, from the beach to shopping as they are tough, strong and stand out in the crowd!