not so plain jane is all about fabric and beautiful bags! I carefully source all my laminated fabrics and oilcloth from Australia and all around the world from small boutique businesses and I am very particular about the superior quality of the different fabrics I purchase and use for making my creations. it is very important to me to make sure it is the best. some of the fabrics are limited editions, so you may be the only person with a particular fabric! They have to be to a very high standard. I manufacture all my creations myself in my studio from cutting out the design to putting on the swing tag. I am passionate about the quality of my products, it has to be top-notch! sometimes there may be some manufacturing flaws within the fabric, this adds to the quirkiness of our product.

laminated fabric is cotton or a heavy canvas with a protective coating on the front side of the fabric which makes it soft but very durable & also water resistant. it is a great fabric & always looks good as it is easy to keep clean also, just wipe with a damp cloth. I love this fabric, it is so versatile & very flexible. Functional & practical, not so plain jane bags & accessories are are made to be used instead of plastic bags. Good for the environment & good for you!

mexican oilcloth is made in mexico. 93% PVC 6% polyester 1% cotton. oilcloth is a durable, PVC coated fabric. the ink is printed in the first coat of PVC, not onto the fabric backing. this is then coated with a clear layer of PVC, making the oilcloth fade & stain resistant and it simply wipes clean. so easy!

I love our range of faux cowhide! this heavyweight velvety fabric is so soft to touch and is gorgeous in our beautiful bags and accessories. a special piece that will last you for years. faux cowhide will keep its shape and look for its lifetime. if you would like you can spray lightly with a waterproof spray. try in a inconspicuous spot to check you are happy with the result. although this fabric is not laminated or waterproof, the bags are lined with oilcloth so any little spill of liquid on the inside of the bag can easily wiped up.

william morris designs. designed in 1883, his strawberry thief print marked a triumph for william morris as it was the 1st design to be printed with his perfected indigo-discharge printing technique at his print works merton abbey. the influence of the design comes from a delightful story may morris recalled of her father watching the birds steal his strawberries from under the fruit nets in the garden of their home kelmscott manor. beautiful, thick laminate makes this fabric fabulous for not so plain jane bags & acessories.

marimekko is a finnish lifestyle design company renowned for its original prints and colours. marimekko was founded in 1951 in finland, and is known around the world for its iconic, nostalgia-inducing patterns. its range of bright and colorful textiles are still printed in helsinki to this day, and the beautiful designs can be found on clothing, bags, tableware and home décor accessories. marimekko’s famous poppy pattern unikko was born in 1964 in a time when the design house’s collections featured mostly abstract prints.

bright, bold & fun, our quirky up-cycled shopper bags are perfect for taking to the supermarket. we had so many bags the seed comes in for cropping & feed bags from our chook food that we decided to make some shopper bags with them as we not really convinced even with the recycling programmes available that products are getting recycled & we didn't want them in landfill! so, every bag we make will be getting re-used over & over again & not ending up in the garbage bin.

UNABLE TO ORDER THIS FABRIC AT THE MOMENT. SUPPLIER OUT OF STOCK OF THIS FABRIC RANGE my favourite has to be the cath kidston oilcloth. heavy canvas with a thin layer of protective plastic on the outside to make it waterproof. there are so many gorgeous colours and designs available. these bags are excellent for everything, from the beach to shopping as they are tough, strong and stand out in the crowd!

UNABLE TO ORDER THIS FABRIC AT THE MOMENT. SUPPLIER OUT OF STOCK OF THIS FABRIC RANGE  a new addition to my range is laminated & waterproof liberty print fabric. liberty is an exquisite and luxurious fabric, a superbly smooth, silky, soft as butter fine cotton. I am so excited to have this fabric available to make my bags and accessories as I have loved this fabric since the '80's! when I found my supplier had liberty fabric laminated I couldn't say no! there is only a small selection but I couldn't be happier with the colour choices. bright beautiful prints make me so happy!

we thought our make-up & toiletry bags were a great size to carry snacks in for sport, school, work or wherever you had to take some food for kids or yourself so these creations are now lined with ProCare® food safe heavy duty waterproof fabric. because procare is 100% eco-friendly & produced with no harmful solvents or chemicals & is also certified for food contact and storage, you can use them to carry & store food. Procare is a soft, heavy duty fabric & is manufactured with minimum environmental impact & another reason we love this fabric too is that it is certified free of lead, phthalates, BPA & brominates which certainly is good for the environment. the zipper keeps it altogether & it's easy to pop in your handbag or carry bag & with the specially designed foodsafe lining you can get rid of all those plastic snack bags! you can just wipe it out with a damp cloth & you can also wipe it out with a sanitiser if need be.