not so plain jane came about because my kids love food & we couldn't fit everything in a conventional store bought lunchbox. so I set about finding an alternative & I came across oilcloth & decided to give making one a go. I found out how fabulous it was & how well it lasted. next thing I was making all sorts of bags that I needed. not so plain jane bags & accessories are made to last through the rough & tumble of daily life, therefore are extremely good value for money & that's what we all want.....something that is going to see the distance & worth the money spent. it is an important part of my business to make sure that every product that leaves HQ is checked for quality and no product is shipped/delivered without 1st being thoroughly inspected. not so plain jane bags can be used for so many things. work, school, university, shopping, market produce, overnight bags, hospital stays, boarding school, swimming bags, picnics, bags for stuff, use them for everything! what you use your bags & accessories for is only limited by your imagination! not so plain jane loves to reuse, reduce, recycle so our bags are fantastic for that reason alone. think how many times when you choose to use your not so plain jane bags & not plastic you are helping the environment by having at least 1 less plastic bag in the world. say no to plastic! read all about our fabrics here!

I live on a property just outside wagga wagga, new south wales, Australia, with my husband Michael & our 2 gorgeous daughters. we love our life on the farm (ahhh the serenity!) and besides having merino sheep & cattle, we have hard working kelpies, (that we adore & are really human, our favourites are benjamin barnaby (pictured above) & timmy, they have their own hashtags so you can follow them on social media #benjaminbarnaby & #timmythekelpie, but shhhhh don't tell the others), tilly our big beautiful black labrador #tillytheblacklabrador & hazel the chocolate labrador #hazelthechocolatelabrador, 4 stuck-up cats that only want a pat when they are looking for food, chooks & of course not forgetting the poddy lambs. our other main love is coffee, we are happily addicted to it. the only way we think a saturday morning should be spent is with a good cappuccino to wake up. 1st up each morning puts the coffee machine on & if that person hasn't done it, watch out! #ahhhcanyousmellthecoffee

thanks for visiting not so plain jane & I hope you get as much enjoyment from your not so plain jane bags & accessories as I do from creating them.