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tablecloths - oilcloth

make your next outdoor entertaining experience even more spectacular with the addition of a not so plain jane mexican oilcloth tablecloth. your table will shine with gorgeous colours to reflect the season, really make it stand out. now summer has arrived, you will probably be socialising outside & will need a practical & stylish tablecloth. we have so many to choose from. no more red wine stains on your tablecloth, oilcloth wipes clean. not only for outdoor use, great for indoor tables too! you need it just hanging over the edge of your table, it doesn't fray & you can always trim it to the size you need. the width of the oilcloth is 1.2m & sold in 2.5m lengths, if you would like extra length for your table, please contact us here. use also for when the kids do craft so there is no mess like paint, glue or glitter stuck on the table after all that fun you have had! you can even use your oilcloth as a picnic mat or put on your floor to use as a large play mat. 
NOW AVAILABLE for your very own picasso, blackboard/chalkboard fabric. what a winner! place on the floor or table and the kids can draw all sorts of amazing things. just use normal chalk and it wipes clean with a damp cloth. you can cut into pieces and keep one in your handbag for times when they need to be entertained. re-use over & over & over again! a really great gift idea for a family of kids. (not available in longer lengths). well, not only for the kids, they make a great talking point for your next dinner party! click on image below.
PLEASE NOTE: as the tablecloths weigh nearly 1kg each & depending on your shipping address, shipping costs start at around $11.65 (NSW) for 1, $12.90 for 2, then increases about $1.50 per tablecloth for 3+. tablecloths will be folded when posted.
not so plain jane australia
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