make-up bags - cath kidston oilcloth
make-up bags - cath kidston oilcloth
make-up bags - cath kidston oilcloth
make-up bags - cath kidston oilcloth

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make-up bags - cath kidston oilcloth

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  • little zippered make-up bags just right for your handbag.
  • use for make-up or whatever you choose.
  • keeps everything together.
  • just the perfect size.
  • great for your lipstick & whatever else you need to carry.
  • good small size toiletry bag if you only need a couple of things to take away.
  • easy to pop in your suitcase.

we thought our make-up & toiletry bags were a great size to use as snack bags for your dry snacks like biscuits, crackers, dried fruits & fruit for sport, school, work or wherever you had to take some food for kids or yourself. the zipper keeps it altogether & it's easy to pop in your handbag or your not so plain jane bags & with the specially designed foodsafe lining you can get rid of all those plastic snack bags! you can just wipe it out with a damp cloth & you can also wipe it with a sanitiser if need be.

these creations are now lined with ProCare® food safe heavy duty waterproof fabric & because procare is 100% eco-friendly & produced with no harmful solvents or chemicals & is also certified for food contact and storage, you can use them to carry & store food. Procare is a soft, heavy duty fabric & is manufactured with minimum environmental impact & another reason we love this fabric too is that it is certified free of lead, phthalates, BPA & brominates which certainly is good for the environment and you! measure approx 23cm x 12cm x 5cm.